Ready for your close-up?


Here’s an article that lists the importance of using explainer videos on your company website. In a nutshell, they:

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Clarify the objective of your product
  • Generate increased interest
  • Rank better in Google searches
  • Increase web traffic
  • Help your audience retain information
  • Liven up your pitch
  • Grab audience attention
  • Are easily sharable
  • Showcase your personality

If you are ready to take your website to the next level by adding video content, call us at Home Video Studio. We can help you craft, shoot and edit a professional video that will elevate your online presence.

Hey You! Get Onto Our Cloud!


Here’s an article that helps explain what the “cloud” is (for those who may be too embarassed to ask).

At Home Video Studio, we’re extremely excited about our “cloud” solution for home movies. DVA allows families to upload, download, organize, edit and share their family memories with each other – no matter the distance between them.

Of course, Home Video Studio is still producing DVDs for families who prefer having a physical disk but DVA is a new and viable option for those who desire the flexibility and convenience of being able to access their family’s memories on any device, at any time, wherever they may be.


Everyone Has a Tale to Tell

Invariably when families get together, conversations often lead to the telling and retelling of favorite stories of years past: The time Grandpa brought the new car home and wrecked it that same day; how Mom and Dad met; the Christmas the power went out… Every family has such stories and every family tells them.

But the people who lived them won’t be around forever. That’s why it is important for our children and children’s children that we preserve those memories by recording our parents and grandparents’ versions of these tales on video or audio.  Here is a link to some tips on how to best conduct a family interview.

Of course, Home Video Studio specializes in the preservation of family memories. Call us today for more tips and suggestions. 352-735-8550.lifestories

Taking Chance

taking chance

As yesterday was Veterans Day, I was reminded of this made for TV movie that depicts the true life story of a Marine who accompanied a fallen soldier to his final resting place in his home town. Simple yet powerful, this movie is a fitting tribute to our men and women in uniform.  Thank you all for your service.

Bye Bye Betamax

Sony recently announced that it would stop producing Betamax tapes as of March 2016. Sad news but not entirely unexpected. The good news is that Home Video Studio is able to convert the old Betamax tapes to either DVD or DVA (our cloud based solution) so the memories that have been stored on the now outdated media can be preserved and enjoyed both today and tomorrow.

For more info on Sony’s announcement, click on the story below:

click herebetamax

Time Marches On

old media

That is a true statement. It’s just that technology tends to sprint ahead.  So much so that technology has outpaced our past to the point that it becomes difficult for us to revisit it. We have had our memories recorded onto many different forms of media (8mm and Super 8 film, VHS, VHS-C, 8mm and mini-DV videotapes, 35mm slides, and photographs by the caseload), but how often do we access them? Are we still able to access them?

At Home Video Studio, we specialize in taking your memories and bringing them into the digital age.  Whether it is on videotape, film, audio cassettes, slides or any other media, we can lift those memories and transform them into something that you can once again play, share, and treasure.

We’ll be sharing some of our memories in this blog and it is our hope that you will allow us to share in your personal journey to remember and preserve the past.

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